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To ensure, X770, the configuration of the lovers of power tools for your laptop's processor of advanced 2720QM i7 quad 32nm Intel ? Core ?. Intel HM65 Windows default 7:00 DDR3 1333 MHz, 2 GB of space for hard drives up to 750GB chipset,DC JACK POWER HARNESS TOSHIBA SATELLITE M115-S3094 2 x is a machine. The installation is also possible to increase the amount of memory. Different versions of the video card on top of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M graphics processor is configured for one of the two cores of Intel HD 3000 graphics cards are included.

The first child, 64 years, Intel ? Core ? i7 2720QM processor-based 32-nm technology CPUID see, the code in a standard 2.0-liter turbo-Clock 2.2 GHz Sandy Bridge before departure. Test performance. The technology TDP is 6 MB of L3 cache shared by the rapid pace of 45 W, 3.3 GHz, AVX instruction set and supports the latest processors. Hyper-Threading.

Then we will use the software in Cinebench R10 is a software that can be used to evaluate the efficacy of single and multiple users of Core i7 processors 2720QM tests will be evaluated by all. The efforts of the 15 points 949-4853 Single-Core Quad-Core is a good product at a level of mobile computing systems.

Finally, we tested may be useful to evaluate the performance recorded by the simulation software is used popular PCMark overall performance of the product. Evaluating software for use on portable computers every day.

The academic performance of 7826 points is pretty good at the whole picture. To the sounds of the five most important moments, videos, games, music, communications, power generation is 5000 points, a good test for the functions of entertainment and business. Of course, instead of a hard disk of 3207 points, is also a laptop that is the bottleneck, instead of adding SSD Haokosuto In general, the ratio of the total sales of phones is too high. X770 final performance is excellent, and the user can update the SSD technology to improve the reading and writing data. This is a wonderful experience.

As regards the hardware configuration of the Toshiba Qosmio X770 times, graphics, most GeForce GTX 560M is the most powerful memory installed high-speed large capacity of 1.5 GB. GDDR5 increases slightly to 50% faster than previous versions, but the number for smooth playback of high definition video.

GPU-Z to test the software to display information about video cards based on the type of process-GF116, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M also features 192 stream processors, the Direct X 11 to 40 nm, the revolution of the specification support display, the right to the mass market as a whole.

Moreover, to facilitate comparison with the input mode of the game more than 37 072 mapping of the 3DMark score at the end GPU graphics on mobile phones. In addition to working with high-quality 3D games can be a problem for the Blu-Ray, HD-capable video, the public must be strong enough to support higher resolution external.

After a trial, if you have a player focused on the "battlefield", the reaction of the prisoners, not the hardware you select Search GeForce GTX 560M NVIDIA has announced the game so high quality? To ensure the smooth flow of players.

The players in this game, especially in relation to the chart on the battlefield, "3", but still very high, the main reason for the effect of a pure shooter, with particular attention to the screen light and shadow. Of course, the impact and explosion. Features. Acquisition and realistic graphics and processing power, and data must be transferred at the request of our customers to know that the video card. This means that it is not capable of supporting DX11, can be done to better enjoy the game more real you.

As a strong influence on the interface of the game after three games for the quality of fighting game, you still feel in their abilities. Smoothing the solution of 4 × MSAA and image quality. Super model in an ultra-automatic mode.

Enter the official, have all the details, perhaps, the effects of high quality lighting to produce more realistic than the game screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M full DX11, but still. It 's almost half of the support frame HD 20 frames per second well in the Super Special in the game most of the scenes, a little' slower, it still works, are interpreted at runtime. Can also be performed reliably.

Impact on the big screen in an explosion, and the game, but rather a feeling of discontent, making the glass half full, and a slight decrease in the number of screens, if you want to relax with a good end of a long period. The ability to donate part of the "battle" on special effects for display without problems.

We love because the load test high performance, thermal stability of the software base temperature Furmark after an hour, the temperature sensor of the CPU 1 ° C before being ready to 69 years. Internal temperature of 69 ℃ ℃, 4 ° C, 60 ℃, 54 ℃ temperature and 61 graphics card is a term of 54 years, the effective thermal efficiency of the overall temperature of the Toshiba Qosmio X770. excellence.

The devices, thermal imager, we have a surface temperature of the body C, D and testing, including the keyboard in the user interface to a maximum temperature of 40.7 ℃, high temperature is often the field. Lower body is 42.7 ℃ and the discovery of heat accumulation in the window, we have the pleasure and work, the actual concentration in the top left of the keyboard wrongly C to red to indicate the maximum temperature of the surface of the keyboard. Play along with a keyboard overall thermal efficiency of greater control of most of the files that will not overheat the impression that you can play well.

Finally, we also set up a wireless network card, it is estimated, the test battery in power save mode in Windows 7, to adjust the screen brightness in the lives of 41 minutes to 2 hours of electricity, 50% and 100% , this is life. Entertainment Notebook PC with a large, relatively rare, it is a laptop HD films and games to be used as a reference, the battery life. Decrease rapidly.

Planning and design of the comparison starts at the beginning Qosmio X770 Qosmio X500 is only after the video output on the piano. "The use and positioning of its effectiveness is not sufficient in itself, X770, to improve the appearance of meat is money, an impressive, full of texture wearing his clear style. Change the width of the hull plates, vacuum technology, does not conduct electricity. assumptions about wireless networking, full of flavor, texture, metal, that is.

Qosmio X770 is the body of the top cover and metal products, and on the surface of the paper comb, which senses the difference. In the body, avoiding the necessity of weaving of the fingerprints of them is the power of nature itself. Deposited brilliant design in brushed metal, the rear fuselage and bright red blood Bizhang games.

High-resolution 17.3-inch Qosmio X770 is the experiences of different images. The losses occur in the light of experience in warranty the screen resolution of 1600 × 900 1:09 of broadband, 16, of the right quality, high, try to find the right balance between performance and visibility. to

Responsible for the development of anti-d'horloge in a keyboard floating equipment for the exact size of the distance between the keys on the right side. The illumination light of the keyboard just below its design, the red LED backlight, Toshiba, keyboard shortcuts, which can be opened, so as not to present the honor to request the hand is just as easy and simple. escape.

Not only for the PC to the LCD. 17 - inch photo above, the estimated mass of electronic money Qosmio X770, the main criterion for determining the mass, it is good or bad, we can not. The weight of the batteries before 4.517kg 3,461 kg.

Developed from the keyboard the Qosmio X770 is the consistency and color of signs are unique and often very different, no matter where you are. Experience in cleaning time and the right and the keyboard, allowing the player to play key Ichiichi floating keyboard design is pressed, the red light. Owned by Toshiba may be easy to open just the lights on the keyboard, the user can see the button at the top of the keys. Nothing to do.

Qosmio X770 is an international speaker Harman / Kardon is a professional to ensure that the most effective speaker, a laptop at the bottom of the issue of sound quality. New Generation (Dolby Advanced Audio), Dolby processing applications for the speech, the effect of stratification Qosimo X770 database modeling performance and Dolby surround sound field. Designed for laptops. The combination of the best known and most alarming.

Moreover, X500, of course, play with other players, the iPhone is in a state of hibernation or shutdown or iPod, this feature allows a certain amount of energy and with the support of the Qosmio X770.

Qosmio X770 is designed to be a red matte gray metal panels C to cool the stark contrast with the top of the keyboard, and a unique design that is very rare in today's laptops. In the control group, the function keys are used more often, the user can see the buttons in the control region of the volume, switch, wireless, voice and video, the Qosmio X770.

With the design of the metal surface with a brush rather than the creation of a pro laptop, which makes the surface of the touch pad and palm, the elements of the plan and the atmosphere on the surface of the disc. pronounced than the proper use of X770, a sense of fashion has been added. The touch screen can be the key to unlock the key lock can be opened by the user. You can build the platform for entertainment in the overall design of the C-surface, the color of each body composition and design is unique, X770 is ideal for a combination of a good match for the world of fashion. from.

Upgrade for Toshiba Qosmio X770 is fully the growing popularity of USB 3.0 interface to a laptop with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 and file of the bank. fragmentary information. A comparison is to increase the transmission speed and the stability of the interface files to improve the efficiency of expectations. Besides the new USB3.0 interface on the left side of the body for the Toshiba Qosmio X770 USB2 External Connector 4 pin, be ready for D-Sub, TOSHIBA A505 SERIES DC POWER JACK 6017B0196201, RJ-45 ports, Ethernet, HDMI output port and an external HD video display. 0 interface.

The right side of the body weight is associated with external devices, like headsets, practices, and that the construction of the first USB port and a headphone jack, 2.0, playing a Blu-ray jets and spelling. Blu-Ray product compatible with previous versions of DVD, VCD, CD can be played back, and ready to play high quality video.

You can also use different types of memory cards in the front of the card slot of some laptop and external solutions for user convenience. The slope of the battery of the aircraft to the fingerprint input on the wrist for more comfortable, has the advantage of an ergonomic shape which is ideal for high. You will find a design that can reduce long-term fatigue, a punch on your computer.

Toshiba Qosmio X770 is the wave profile of the presence of the most famous red roof angle gradient switching, and processing of natural colors and bright too. Also used for the development of the wave was sunk on the corner and with the damping rings of the big screen laptop to check the thickness of the screen is 17.3 inches. Open to move, it was difficult to fill the screen better. Accessories.


In fact, the products of random games, which are used as heat laptop Qosmio X770 Toshiba next to the selection of offered by many of its individual players, in particular the main wire of most users, and laptop computers. Some people do not care. New product launches Qosmio X770, Toshiba in the month of September is necessary to enable a detailed understanding in detail what many surprises for us, because it is well designed for gamers. The hardware of the card game of power, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M is too important to ignore ~ ??~ eruhaji graphics performance of athletes and high resolution. Manufacturing.

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